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List of my personal Option Trades with all information about Symbol, Strike Price, Trading Day, Expiration, Take Profit, Stop Loss and Comments. NO TRADING ADVICE

Take Profit
Stop Loss
Delta -0.0043 last before Expiration
Risk Reward Ratio (Method 1) last before Expiration
Risk Reward Ratio (Method 2) last before Expiration
-10% / delta -0.025 / strike is below several support zones / high premium due to earnings in 11d / but expiration ends before earnings
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Win/Loss Ratio 91.67%

Option Strategy Expiration Comment Result
AVGO @ 700.00 Short Put 2023-06-16 no bear pressure; stock is too good to b... Win
MSFT @ 300.00 Short Put 2023-06-16 small correction recently; lost a little... Win
AMD @ 105.00 Short Put 2023-06-16 is breaking out of a small base; look li... Win
ORCL @ 110.00 Short Put 2023-06-16 short term trade; got good earnings Win
V @ 212.50 Short Put 2023-06-09 visa sideways for a while. 212.5 seems t... Win
NFLX @ 355.00 Short Put 2023-06-09 sideways allthough overbaught -> many bu... Win
ADBE @ 382.50 Short Put 2023-06-09 small correction; looks like continuatio... Win
MDB @ 330.00 Short Put 2023-06-09 big spike after very good earning; not s... Win
GS @ 300.00 Short Put 2023-06-02 looks far away from current price; dept... Win
NFLX @ 355.00 Short Put 2023-06-02 follow up trade after the EP Win
COST @ 472.50 Short Put 2023-06-02 continuation pattern Win
ADBE @ 315.00 Short Put 2023-05-26 normal OTM SP; nothing special to consid... Win
NFLX @ 300.00 Short Put 2023-05-26 big news push the price; will correct so... Win
MSFT @ 300.00 Short Put 2023-05-26 big tech uptrend, driven by AI; moreover... Win
CRM @ 182.50 Short Put 2023-05-19 general bullish due to backwind from us... Win
COST @ 460.00 Short Put 2023-05-19 nothing special here; just a normal cost... Win
GLD @ 183.00 Short Put 2023-05-12 correction down after high employment da... Win
NVDA @ 250.00 Short Put 2023-05-12 IV is higher than usually, so this is my... Win
COST @ 465.00 Short Put 2023-05-12 probably enough distance under normal co... Win
V @ 220.00 Short Put 2023-05-12 good distance to price; low risk theta t... Win