ASME - ASML Holding NV - Stock Price & Dividends

Exchange: XETRA Stock Exchange • Country: Netherlands • Currency: EUR • Type: Common Stock • ISIN: NL0010273215

Lithography Systems, Metrology Systems, Inspection Systems

ASML Holding NV is a pioneer in the development and manufacturing of cutting-edge semiconductor equipment systems, catering to the needs of chipmakers worldwide.

The company's product portfolio includes advanced lithography systems, such as extreme ultraviolet (EUV) and deep ultraviolet (DUV) systems, which enable the production of high-performance microchips. These systems are essential for manufacturing a wide range of semiconductor nodes and technologies.

In addition to lithography systems, ASML offers a suite of metrology and inspection solutions, including YieldStar optical metrology systems and HMI electron beam solutions. These solutions enable chipmakers to assess the quality of patterns on wafers and detect individual chip defects, ensuring the highest level of precision and accuracy.

ASML's computational lithography solutions and control software solutions further enhance the performance and efficiency of its lithography systems. The company also provides refurbishment and upgrade services for its systems, as well as comprehensive customer support and related services.

With a global presence, ASML operates in key regions, including Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, China, and the United States, as well as the Netherlands and other parts of Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. Founded in 1984, ASML is headquartered in Veldhoven, the Netherlands, and has evolved from its early days as ASM Lithography Holding NV to become a leading player in the semiconductor industry.

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Drawdown (Underwater) Chart

Drawdown / Underwater Chart for ASME - ASML Holding NV  - Stock Price & Dividends

ASME Stock Overview

Market Cap in USD 409,588m
Sector Technology
Industry Semiconductor Equipment & Materials
GiC SubIndustry Semiconductor Materials & Equipment
TER 0.00%
IPO / Inception

ASME Stock Ratings

Growth 5y 86.4
Fundamental 60.9
Dividend 51.57
Rel. Performance vs Sector -0.77
Analysts -
Fair Price Momentum 930.28 EUR
Fair Price DCF 148.47 EUR

ASME Dividends

Dividend Yield 12m 0.72%
Yield on Cost 5y 3.16%
Dividends CAGR 5y 13.60%
Payout Consistency 86.6%

ASME Growth Ratios

Growth 12m 37.61%
Growth Correlation 12m 71%
Growth Correlation 3m 70%
CAGR 5y 33.70%
CAGR/Mean DD 5y 2.58
Sharpe Ratio 12m 1.02
Alpha vs SP500 12m 10.08
Beta vs SP500 5y weekly 1.19
ValueRay RSI 0.48
Volatility GJR Garch 1y 40.73%
Price / SMA 50 -9.41%
Price / SMA 200 6.83%
Current Volume 11.2k
Average Volume 20d 5.6k

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Fund Manager Positions
What is the price of ASME stocks?
As of July 19, 2024, the stock is trading at EUR 842.30 with a total of 11,211 shares traded.
Over the past week, the price has changed by -14.78%, over one month by -14.37%, over three months by +0.50% and over the past year by +30.27%.
What are the forecast for ASME stock price target?
According to ValueRays Forecast Model, ASME ASML Holding NV will be worth about 1039 in July 2025. The stock is currently trading at 842.30. This means that the stock has a potential upside of +23.36%.
Issuer Forecast Upside
Wallstreet Target Price - -
Analysts Target Price - -
ValueRay Target Price 1039 23.4

ASML Holding NV: Pioneering the Semiconductor Industry

ASML Holding NV, a leading name in the semiconductor industry, has a rich history and diverse business interests, consistently shaping the future of technology. Let's delve into its journey, spanning from its inception to its current market status, along with a peek into its core and side businesses.

The History of ASML

Founded in 1984 in Veldhoven, the Netherlands, ASML started as a joint venture between ASM International and Philips. Its mission was to respond to the growing demand for more advanced lithography equipment in the semiconductor industry. Over time, ASML has grown into a global powerhouse, innovating and leading in the production of complex lithography machines needed for chip manufacturing.

Core Business

The core of ASML's business lies in the development and manufacturing of photolithography machines. These machines are crucial for the semiconductor manufacturing process, where they use light to transfer circuit patterns onto silicon wafers. ASML is especially known for pioneering extreme ultraviolet (EUV) lithography technology, which allows for the production of chips with finer features, essential for creating more powerful and efficient electronic devices.

Side Businesses and Ventures

Beyond its main lithography equipment line, ASML also ventures into other areas supportive of its core business. This includes the production of metrology and inspection equipment, which are critical for the quality control of semiconductor wafers. Furthermore, ASML actively invests in research and development to explore new technologies and methodologies that could enhance the semiconductor manufacturing process, securing its place at the forefront of innovation.

Current Market Status

Today, ASML stands as an undisputed leader in the lithography market, holding a significant share and being the only supplier of EUV lithography systems, pivotal for advanced chip manufacturing. The demand for its products has surged, especially considering the global chip shortage and the push towards digitalization in various sectors. ASML's financial performance reflects its strong market position, showcasing robust revenue growth and a positive outlook for the future.

As we move forward, ASML's role in enabling next-generation semiconductor chips not only cements its status within the industry but also emphasizes its crucial contribution to the advancement of technology across multiple domains. The company's continuous innovation, strategic expansions, and dedication to quality further promise to keep ASML at the cutting edge of the semiconductor industry for years to come.