Duke Energy (DUK) - Stock Price & Dividends

Exchange: USA Stocks • Country: United States • Currency: USD • Type: Common Stock • ISIN: US26441C2044

Duke Energy Corporation, traded as DUK on the New York Stock Exchange, is a major player in the energy sector in the United States. The company operates through two key segments: Electric Utilities and Infrastructure (EU&I) and Gas Utilities and Infrastructure (GU&I).

The Electric Utilities and Infrastructure segment is responsible for generating, transmitting, and distributing electricity in the Carolinas, Florida, and the Midwest. Duke Energy employs a diverse energy mix including coal, hydroelectric, natural gas, oil, solar, wind, renewables, and nuclear sources to power homes and businesses. Additionally, they supply electricity to municipalities, electric cooperative utilities, and load-serving entities.

On the other hand, the Gas Utilities and Infrastructure segment focuses on distributing natural gas to a broad range of customers, from residential and commercial to industrial and power generation users. Duke Energy also invests in projects related to pipeline transmission, renewable natural gas, and natural gas storage facilities to enhance their operations and sustainability efforts.

Established in 1904, Duke Energy, headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina, was previously known as Duke Energy Holding Corp. before rebranding as Duke Energy Corporation in April 2006. To learn more about their services and initiatives, you can visit their website at https://www.duke-energy.com.

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Drawdown (Underwater) Chart

Drawdown / Underwater Chart for Duke Energy (DUK) - Stock Price & Dividends

DUK Stock Overview

Market Cap in USD 70,859m
Sector Utilities
Industry Utilities - Regulated Electric
GiC SubIndustry Electric Utilities
TER 0.00%
IPO / Inception 1983-04-06

DUK Stock Ratings

Fundamental -1.85
Dividend 7.07
Growth 5y 3.24
Rel. Performance vs Sector 0.32
Analysts 3.80
Fair Price Total Ret. 85.72
Fair Price DCF -

DUK Dividends

Yield 12m 4.49%
Yield on Cost 5y 5.60%
Dividends CAGR 5y 1.63%
Payout Consistency 98.9%

DUK Growth Ratios

Growth 12m 0.74%
Growth Correlation 12m 8%
Growth Correlation 3m -12%
CAGR 5y 4.52%
CAGR / Mean Drawdown 0.53
Sharpe Ratio 12m -0.24
Alpha vs SP500 12m -21.32
Beta vs SP500 5y weekly 0.68
CAPM 7.11%
Average Daily Range 2m 1.55%
Regime Oscillator 22.79
Volatility GJR Garch 1y 19.49%
Price / SMA 50 -4%
Price / SMA 200 0.88%
Current Volume 2962.4k
Average Volume 20d 3320.1k

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What is the price of DUK stocks?
As of February 28, 2024, the stock is trading at USD 90.85 with a total of 2,962,382 shares traded.
Over the past week, the price has changed by -1.19%, over one month by -4.16%, over three months by +1.05% and over the past year by -0.89%.
Why is DUK stock down?
Check with which Index or Commodity DUK has the highest Correlation, do they have a common driver?
Review the Fundamentals to find weaknesses (Debt, low returns). Check the Performance of the Peer-Group to find out, if the entire sector is under pressure.
Period Return DUK Return S&P 500
1 Month -4.16% 4.00%
3 Months 1.05% 11.99%
12 Months -0.89% 29.39%
What is the forecast for DUK stock price target?
According to ValueRays Forecast Model, DUK Duke Energy will be worth about 92.6 in February 2025. The stock is currently trading at 90.85. This means that the stock has a potential upside of +1.9%.
Issuer Forecast Upside
Wallstreet Target Price 103.4 13.9%
Analysts Target Price 98.3 8.2%
ValueRay Target Price 92.6 1.9%

The Evolution and Current Landscape of Duke Energy Corporation (NYSE:DUK)

A Glimpse into History

Duke Energy Corporation, known widely by its New York Stock Exchange symbol DUK, has a rich history that spans over a century. Its inception dates back to the early 1900s when it started as a small electric power company. Over the years, Duke Energy has grown exponentially, transforming into one of the largest electric power holding companies in the United States. It has navigated through the changing tides of the energy sector, adapting and expanding its operations to meet growing demands and technological advancements.

Core and Side Businesses

At its core, Duke Energy is involved in the generation, transmission, distribution, and sale of electricity. The company serves millions of customers across various states, providing reliable and affordable energy sourced from a diverse mix of coal, natural gas, hydroelectric, and nuclear power. Beyond its primary operations in the electric sector, Duke Energy has also ventured into natural gas distribution and renewable energy. It has made significant investments in wind and solar power, reflecting its commitment to sustainability and cleaner energy solutions.

Current Market Status

Today, Duke Energy stands as a significant player in the energy sector, with a solid footprint in the American energy landscape. Financially, the company has shown resilience and stability, maintaining a strong presence on the New York Stock Exchange. Duke Energy's commitment to embracing innovative energy solutions, along with its strategic expansions and partnerships, positions it well for continued growth in a rapidly evolving market. Despite challenges, such as regulatory pressures and the need for continued investment in sustainable energy, Duke Energy's adaptation strategies and its focus on customer needs suggest a promising outlook for its future.