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Long Ideas (16)

GSL Global Ship.. USA
46.4% YTD Perf 92.1% Rev Stability
77.5% YTD Perf 80% Rev Stability
GOOG Alphabet Inc.. USA
28% YTD Perf 85.7% Rev Stability
GOOGL Alphabet Inc.. USA
28.1% YTD Perf 85.7% Rev Stability
HALO Halozyme Therapeutics.. USA
32.4% YTD Perf 77.1% Rev Stability
MEDP Medpace Holdings.. USA
28.9% YTD Perf 95.2% Rev Stability
CTAS Cintas Corporation USA
18% YTD Perf 81% Rev Stability
22.2% YTD Perf 80% Rev Stability
CMG Chipotle Mexican.. USA
45.8% YTD Perf 90.5% Rev Stability
PLTR Palantir Technologies .. USA
42.2% YTD Perf 99.1% Rev Stability
FIX Comfort Systems.. USA
55.6% YTD Perf 81% Rev Stability
ANET Arista Networks USA
41.9% YTD Perf 86.7% Rev Stability
PLMR Palomar Holdings.. USA
41.4% YTD Perf 98.1% Rev Stability
DATA GlobalData PLC UK
17.9% YTD Perf 89% Rev Stability
RNWH Renew Holdings.. UK
28.2% YTD Perf 89% Rev Stability
FUTU Futu Holdings.. USA
38% YTD Perf 83.8% Rev Stability

Short Ideas (12)

ARWR Arrowhead Pharmaceuticals.. USA
-16.7% YTD Perf -21.9% Rev Stability
UPST Upstart Holdings .. USA
-42.3% YTD Perf 24.2% Rev Stability
ONT Oxford Nanopore.. UK
-51.2% YTD Perf 6.7% Rev Stability
SEDG SolarEdge Technologies.. USA
-56.5% YTD Perf 47.6% Rev Stability
-6.8% YTD Perf 28.6% Rev Stability
TXG 10X Genomics.. USA
-62.7% YTD Perf 76.2% Rev Stability
KRNT Kornit Digital.. USA
-18.4% YTD Perf 18.1% Rev Stability
PHR Phreesia Inc USA
-14.9% YTD Perf 99.1% Rev Stability
LITE Lumentum Holdings.. USA
-9.2% YTD Perf -30.5% Rev Stability
OCDO Ocado Group.. UK
-51.7% YTD Perf 77.6% Rev Stability
HHH Howard Hughes.. USA
-20.5% YTD Perf 2.9% Rev Stability
APPN Appian Corp USA
-20.5% YTD Perf 91.4% Rev Stability

Dividend Stocks (21)

CNQ Canadian Natural.. Canada
6.7% Yield Avg 21.3% Yield on Cost 5y
CNQ Canadian Natural.. USA
9.2% Yield Avg 28.6% Yield on Cost 5y
CQP Cheniere Energy.. USA
7.2% Yield Avg 13.3% Yield on Cost 5y
GLP Global Partners.. USA
6.1% Yield Avg 23.4% Yield on Cost 5y
FDUS Fidus Investment.. USA
10.7% Yield Avg 30.5% Yield on Cost 5y
EMG Man Group.. UK
5.4% Yield Avg 16% Yield on Cost 5y
CEZ Cez A.S. Czech Republic
9% Yield Avg 40.1% Yield on Cost 5y
VVR Invesco Senior.. USA
9.1% Yield Avg 17.1% Yield on Cost 5y
FRU Freehold Royalties.. Canada
5.8% Yield Avg 18.5% Yield on Cost 5y
PEY Peyto Exploration&Development.. Canada
4.6% Yield Avg 43.4% Yield on Cost 5y
WCP Whitecap Resources.. Canada
4.2% Yield Avg 23% Yield on Cost 5y
NA National Bank.. Canada
3.3% Yield Avg 10.4% Yield on Cost 5y
BCC Boise Cascad.. USA
3.7% Yield Avg 31.2% Yield on Cost 5y
TOU Tourmaline Oil.. Canada
7.1% Yield Avg 36.4% Yield on Cost 5y
HTGC Hercules Capital.. USA
8.9% Yield Avg 23.9% Yield on Cost 5y
HESM Hess Midstream.. USA
6% Yield Avg 19.6% Yield on Cost 5y
LVHI Legg Mason.. USA
5.7% Yield Avg 10.5% Yield on Cost 5y
EFGN EFG International.. Switzerland
3.1% Yield Avg 11.2% Yield on Cost 5y
ASRNL ASR Nederland.. Netherlands
5% Yield Avg 10.8% Yield on Cost 5y
CS AXA SA France
4.8% Yield Avg 11.5% Yield on Cost 5y
ZURN Zurich Insurance.. Switzerland
4.7% Yield Avg 10.1% Yield on Cost 5y

Option Theta Trades (10)

MKC 70.00
3.57 Rating
Short Call
PEP 167.50
2.68 Rating
Short Call
LULU 322.50
2.66 Rating
Short Call
GOOGL 165.00
2.52 Rating
Short Put
BITO 20.00
2.47 Rating
Short Put
AMZN 172.50
2.45 Rating
Short Put
CCJ 46.00
2.45 Rating
Short Put
PWR 250.00
2.44 Rating
Short Put
JNJ 148.00
2.40 Rating
Short Call
IBM 175.00
2.36 Rating
Short Call

Potential x Baggers (8)

GSL Global Ship.. USA
53.6% EPS Stability 92.1% Rev Stability
48.4% EPS Stability 76.2% Rev Stability
DATA GlobalData PLC UK
70% EPS Stability 89% Rev Stability
RNWH Renew Holdings.. UK
83.1% EPS Stability 89% Rev Stability
MAMA Mama's Creations.. USA
39% EPS Stability 85.7% Rev Stability
MRB Mirbud SA Poland
41.3% EPS Stability 69.5% Rev Stability
BDT Bird Construction.. Canada
49.4% EPS Stability 75.2% Rev Stability
XTB X Trade.. Poland
51.6% EPS Stability 65.7% Rev Stability

Momentum meets Fundamentals (3)

GSL Global Ship.. USA
20.5% RoIC 34% FCF Margin
ABBN ABB Ltd Switzerland
26.1% RoIC 12.2% FCF Margin
HL Hargreaves Lansdown.. UK
645.1% RoIC 41.6% FCF Margin

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Trade Setups (1)

Symbol Sector Setup 1 Day 1 Week 1 Month Rel.
vs Sector
Market Cap
Mill. USD
Financial Services
Asset Management
↑ Break-Out 8.11% 12.68% 15.94% 3.2 0.19 11.3 -4.65 87.4 79.0 544