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Exchange: USA Stocks • Country: Brazil • Currency: USD • Type: Common Stock • ISIN: US71654V1017

Oil, Natural Gas, Fertilizers, Petrochemicals, Biodiesel, Electricity

Petróleo Brasileiro S.A. - Petrobras is a Brazilian multinational corporation that plays a crucial role in the energy sector, exploring, producing, and selling oil and gas both domestically and internationally.

The company operates through three main segments: Exploration and Production, Refining, Transportation and Marketing, and Gas and Power. The Exploration and Production segment is responsible for finding, developing, and producing crude oil, natural gas liquids, and natural gas, which are then supplied to domestic refineries.

The Refining, Transportation and Marketing segment is involved in the refining, logistics, transportation, acquisition, and export of crude oil, as well as the production of fertilizers. This segment also holds interests in petrochemical companies. Additionally, it engages in the production of oil products, such as diesel, gasoline, and jet fuel.

The Gas and Power segment is a diversified business unit that handles the logistics and trading of natural gas and electricity, transportation and trading of liquefied natural gas (LNG), and generation of electricity through thermoelectric power plants. This segment also explores renewable energy businesses, low-carbon services, and natural gas processing, as well as the production of biodiesel and its co-products.

Beyond its core operations, Petróleo Brasileiro S.A. - Petrobras also engages in research, development, production, transportation, distribution, and trading of energy. The company explores and extracts oil from onshore and offshore oil fields, as well as from shale or other rocks. It also produces and trades oil products, natural gas, and other liquid hydrocarbons.

Founded in 1953, Petróleo Brasileiro S.A. - Petrobras is headquartered in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and is one of the largest companies in the country. With a strong presence in the energy sector, the company continues to play a vital role in meeting the energy demands of Brazil and the world.

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Drawdown / Underwater Chart for PBR-A - Petróleo Brasileiro S.A. -  - Stock & Dividends

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Drawdown / Underwater Chart for PBR-A - Petróleo Brasileiro S.A. -  - Stock & Dividends

PBR-A Stock Overview

Market Cap in USD 93,686m
Sector Energy
Industry Oil & Gas Integrated
GiC SubIndustry Oil & Gas Exploration & Production
TER 0.00%
IPO / Inception 2003-10-07

PBR-A Stock Ratings

Growth 5y 64.3
Fundamental 61.2
Dividend 66.2
Rel. Performance vs Sector -1.86
Analysts 3.80/5
Fair Price Momentum 15.50 USD
Fair Price DCF 102.82 USD

PBR-A Dividends

Dividend Yield 12m 12.69%
Yield on Cost 5y 34.52%
Dividends CAGR 5y 45.83%
Payout Consistency 65.2%

PBR-A Growth Ratios

Growth 12m 25.09%
Growth Correlation 12m 47%
Growth Correlation 3m -46%
CAGR 5y 22.07%
CAGR/Mean DD 5y 1.06
Sharpe Ratio 12m 0.63
Alpha vs SP500 12m -2.96
Beta vs SP500 5y weekly 1.28
ValueRay RSI 23.59
Volatility GJR Garch 1y 24.12%
Price / SMA 50 -2.41%
Price / SMA 200 -3.78%
Current Volume 2874k
Average Volume 20d 3869.3k

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What is the price of PBR-A stocks?
As of July 21, 2024, the stock is trading at USD 13.76 with a total of 2,874,000 shares traded.
Over the past week, the price has changed by -1.99%, over one month by +2.99%, over three months by -7.46% and over the past year by +21.67%.
What are the forecast for PBR-A stock price target?
According to ValueRays Forecast Model, PBR-A Petróleo Brasileiro S.A. - will be worth about 17.4 in July 2025. The stock is currently trading at 13.76. This means that the stock has a potential upside of +26.67%.
Issuer Forecast Upside
Wallstreet Target Price 17.6 27.8
Analysts Target Price 16 16.0
ValueRay Target Price 17.4 26.7

Petrobras: From Its Inception to Becoming a Global Oil Powerhouse

History of Petrobras

Founded in 1953, Petrobras, or Petróleo Brasileiro S.A., has grown from a state-owned Brazilian enterprise into one of the world's leading oil and gas companies. Its establishment marked Brazil’s strategic move to nationalize its oil industry, making Petrobras responsible for all hydrocarbon activities in the country. Through years of exploration, innovation, and expansion, Petrobras has played a vital role in Brazil's journey towards energy self-sufficiency and has established a significant global footprint.

Core and Side Businesses

At its core, Petrobras is engaged in the exploration, production, refining, and sale of oil and natural gas. Beyond its primary focus on the oil and gas sector, Petrobras has diversified its operations into biofuel production, petrochemicals, and energy generation, including renewable energy sources. This diversification into related industries has allowed Petrobras to leverage its expertise in the energy sector, while also contributing to sustainable development goals.

Current Market Status

As of 2023, Petrobras continues to be a major player in the global energy market, despite the challenges faced in the previous decade, including fluctuating oil prices and high-profile corruption scandals. The company has made strategic shifts towards more profitable and sustainable operations, focusing on deep and ultra-deep water exploration and production. With its extensive reserves and commitment to innovation, Petrobras is well-positioned to navigate the complexities of the global energy transition towards a more sustainable and low-carbon future.

In the stock market, Petrobras (NYSE:PBR-A) represents a significant investment opportunity, reflecting Brazil's potential for economic growth and the global demand for energy. However, investors are advised to consider geopolitical, environmental, and market risks when evaluating Petrobras as an investment option.