Manually researched Dividend Portfolio

Manually researched and evaluated Stocks, ETFs and Funds to consider for Long-Term Portfolio Investors or Retirees - Dividend Portfolio.

Dividend Income Portfolio

Symbol Strategy Issuer
Alpha Beta Dividend Yield
JEPI Defensive S&P500 Equity with Covered Calls ETF J.P.Morgan 3.79 0.53 9.85%
JEPQ Defensive Nasdaq Equity with Covered Calls ETF J.P.Morgan 7.92 0.87 11.75%
PEO Long-term demand for energy and materials CEF Adams Funds 7.69 1.14 7.04%
ARCC Business Development Company Common Stock Ares Capital Corporation 1.77 1.13 9.98%
MO Tobacco Common Stock Altria -3.07 0.67 9.03%
RIO Mining Common Stock RIO 12.16 0.84 6.37%