Lyxor Core MSCI Japan (DR) UCITS (LCJP)

Exchange: London Exchange • Country: UK • Currency: GBP • Type: Etf • ISIN: LU1781541252 • Japan Large-Cap Equity

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The Lyxor Core MSCI Japan (DR) UCITS ETF is an exchange-traded fund (ETF) that tracks the performance of the Japanese stock market. It's listed on the London Stock Exchange (LSE) under the ticker symbol LCJP.

This ETF is managed by Amundi, a leading global asset manager, and its website can be found at Amundi is a well-established player in the ETF market, with a strong track record of managing index-tracking funds.

The fund is domiciled in Luxembourg, a popular jurisdiction for investment funds due to its favorable regulatory environment and strong investor protections.

The ETF tracks the Morningstar Japan TME NR JPY Index, which is a widely followed benchmark for the Japanese equity market. This index provides a broad representation of the Japanese stock market, covering a diverse range of sectors and companies.

By investing in the Lyxor Core MSCI Japan (DR) UCITS ETF, investors can gain exposure to the Japanese market, which is home to many world-leading companies in industries such as technology, automotive, and electronics. The ETF offers a cost-effective and convenient way to tap into the growth potential of Japan's economy.

Drawdown (Underwater) Chart

Drawdown / Underwater Chart for Lyxor Core MSCI Japan (DR) UCITS (LCJP)

LCJP ETF Overview

Market Cap in USD 756,304m
Category Japan Large-Cap Equity
TER 0.12%
IPO / Inception 2018-02-28

LCJP ETF Ratings

Growth 5y 49.3
Fundamental -
Dividend -
Rel. Performance vs Sector -0.10
Analysts -
Fair Price Momentum 12.93 GBP
Fair Price DCF -

LCJP Dividends

Yield 12m 0.00%
Yield on Cost 5y 0.00%
Dividends CAGR 5y 0.00%
Payout Consistency 0.0%

LCJP Growth Ratios

Growth 12m 10.98%
Growth Correlation 12m 67%
Growth Correlation 3m -50%
CAGR 5y 6.38%
CAGR/Mean DD 5y 1.05
Sharpe Ratio 12m 0.42
Alpha vs SP500 12m -1.75
Beta vs SP500 5y weekly 0.38
ValueRay RSI 14.20
Volatility GJR Garch 1y 13.28%
Price / SMA 50 -1.73%
Price / SMA 200 3.17%
Current Volume 3.2k
Average Volume 20d 122k

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Fund Manager Positions
What is the price of LCJP stocks?
As of June 15, 2024, the stock is trading at GBP 13.66 with a total of 3,225 shares traded.
Over the past week, the price has changed by -1.56%, over one month by -1.20%, over three months by -1.60% and over the past year by +7.46%.
What are the forecast for LCJP stock price target?
According to ValueRays Forecast Model, LCJP Lyxor Core MSCI Japan (DR) UCITS will be worth about 14.2 in June 2025. The stock is currently trading at 13.66. This means that the stock has a potential upside of +3.88%.
Issuer Forecast Upside
Wallstreet Target Price - -
Analysts Target Price - -
ValueRay Target Price 14.2 3.88

Understanding the Lyxor Core MSCI Japan (DR) UCITS ETF (LCJP)

History and Background

The Lyxor Core MSCI Japan (DR) UCITS ETF, trading under the ticker LCJP on the London Stock Exchange, represents a focal initiative by Lyxor ETF to offer investors a streamlined pathway to engage with the Japanese equity market. Lyxor, a subsidiary of the Societe Generale group, has been a pioneer in the exchange-traded funds (ETF) arena, having launched its first ETF in 2001. The LCJP was introduced to provide a cost-effective and efficient investment vehicle that mirrors the performance of the MSCI Japan Index, encompassing a broad spectrum of Japanese companies.

Core Business and Operations

At its core, the LCJP ETF aims to replicate, to the extent possible, the performance of the MSCI Japan Index. This index is composed of large and mid-cap Japanese stocks, thereby providing a comprehensive snapshot of the Japanese market. The replication method employed by LCJP may involve direct investment in the underlying assets (Direct Replication) or the use of derivatives (Indirect Replication) to achieve its investment objective. As of my last knowledge update in April 2023, the fund has been inclined towards direct replication for enhanced transparency and alignment with the index performance.

A Look at Side Businesses and Investment Strategies

While the primary focus of LCJP remains tightly bound to tracking the MSCI Japan Index, Lyxor as a fund manager actively engages in securities lending. This practice involves lending out securities held by the ETF to qualified borrowers in exchange for a fee. This supplemental income can help in reducing the overall cost of the ETF to its investors, thereby potentially enhancing net returns. However, it's essential for investors to note that such practices carry certain risks, including but not limited to counterparty risk.

Current Market Status

The Japanese equity market, represented by the MSCI Japan Index, has witnessed various cycles of growth and contraction, influenced by domestic and global economic conditions. The performance of LCJP closely follows these trends, offering investors an opportunity to gain exposure to Japan's economic dynamics. As markets evolve, the fund's strategy and holdings are periodically reviewed to ensure alignment with its investment objective, maintaining its relevance in changing market conditions.

Like any investment, the LCJP ETF carries risks, including market risk, currency fluctuations, and changes in the political and economic landscape of Japan. Potential investors are encouraged to conduct their due diligence or consult with financial advisors to understand these risks fully.