Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group ADR (MUFG)

Exchange: USA Stocks • Country: Japan • Currency: USD • Type: Common Stock • ISIN: US6068221042

Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group, Inc. is the bank holding company for MUFG Bank, Ltd. offering a wide range of financial services globally. The company operates through several segments, including Digital Service, Retail & Commercial Banking, Japanese Corporate & Investment Banking, Asset Management & Investor Services, Global Corporate & Investment Banking, Global Commercial Banking, and Global Markets.

Services provided by the company include commercial banking, trust banking, and securities products. They cater to retail, small and medium-sized enterprise customers, offering M&A, real estate-related services, digital financial services, credit cards, and trust banking. MUFG also engages in lending, fund settlement, and foreign exchange businesses.

Moreover, the company offers corporate, investment, and transaction banking services to large corporate and financial institutions. They provide asset management, administration services, loans, deposits, fund transfers, and investment services to various customer segments. Additionally, they deal in fixed income instruments, currencies, equities, and other investment products, along with originating and distributing financial products and treasury services.

Established in 1880 and headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group, Inc. continues to be a prominent player in the global financial services sector. To explore more about the company, visit their website:

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Drawdown (Underwater) Chart

Drawdown / Underwater Chart for Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group ADR (MUFG)

MUFG Stock Overview

Market Cap in USD 114,011m
Sector Financial Services
Industry Banks - Diversified
GiC SubIndustry Diversified Banks
TER 0.00%
IPO / Inception 2001-04-01

MUFG Stock Ratings

Fundamental 2.34
Dividend 6.51
Growth 5y 8.42
Rel. Performance vs Sector 2.37
Analysts 3.67
Fair Price Total Ret. 10.90
Fair Price DCF 30134.48

MUFG Dividends

Yield 12m 2.44%
Yield on Cost 5y 5.95%
Dividends CAGR 5y 2.89%
Payout Consistency 88.4%

MUFG Growth Ratios

Growth 12m 48.53%
Growth Correlation 12m 80%
Growth Correlation 3m 70%
CAGR 5y 19.48%
CAGR / Mean Drawdown 1.85
Sharpe Ratio 12m 1.46
Alpha vs SP500 12m 23.57
Beta vs SP500 5y weekly 0.80
CAPM 7.44%
Average Daily Range 2m 1.11%
Regime Oscillator 97.75
Volatility GJR Garch 1y 26.44%
Price / SMA 50 12.9%
Price / SMA 200 26.11%
Current Volume 3496.3k
Average Volume 20d 3477k

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What is the price of MUFG stocks?
As of February 28, 2024, the stock is trading at USD 10.24 with a total of 3,496,292 shares traded.
Over the past week, the price has changed by +3.33%, over one month by +11.18%, over three months by +17.57% and over the past year by +47.70%.
Why is MUFG stock down?
Check with which Index or Commodity MUFG has the highest Correlation, do they have a common driver?
Review the Fundamentals to find weaknesses (Debt, low returns). Check the Performance of the Peer-Group to find out, if the entire sector is under pressure.
Period Return MUFG Return S&P 500
1 Month 11.18% 4.00%
3 Months 17.57% 11.99%
12 Months 47.70% 29.39%
What is the forecast for MUFG stock price target?
According to ValueRays Forecast Model, MUFG Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group ADR will be worth about 12.1 in February 2025. The stock is currently trading at 10.24. This means that the stock has a potential upside of +18.16%.
Issuer Forecast Upside
Wallstreet Target Price 9.2 -10.2%
Analysts Target Price 9.2 -10.2%
ValueRay Target Price 12.1 18.2%

The Evolution and Market Standpoint of Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group Inc ADR (MUFG)

Historical Background

Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group, Inc. (MUFG), with its origins in Japan, stands tall as one of the largest financial institutions globally. The roots of MUFG trace back to the late 19th century, starting with the foundation of its predecessor banks. Its significant historical milestone was in 2005, when Mitsubishi Tokyo Financial Group and UFJ Holdings merged, culminating in the creation of MUFG. This strategic merger aimed to combine strengths, enhance competitiveness, and address the challenges posed by Japan's economic climate at the time.

Core Business Focus

At its core, MUFG is a comprehensive financial services group. Its mainstay business includes banking, where it provides a wide array of services such as retail banking, corporate banking, and asset management. Through its vast network of branches, both in Japan and globally, MUFG serves millions of customers, ranging from individuals to large corporations and government agencies. It leverages its deep-rooted expertise and innovative financial solutions to meet the diverse needs of its clients.

Side Businesses and Diversification

Over the years, MUFG has diversified its operations beyond traditional banking services. It has ventured into businesses such as leasing, securities, and credit card services. This diversification strategy enables MUFG to tap into new revenue streams and mitigate risks associated with reliance on a single business segment. Moreover, the group is actively involved in digital transformation initiatives, investing in technology to innovate its service delivery and enhance customer experience.

Current Market Status

Today, MUFG stands as a key player in the global financial landscape, marked by its listing on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) under the ticker symbol 'MUFG'. Despite facing challenges such as economic fluctuations and intense competition, MUFG has shown resilience and adaptability. It has continued to grow, benefiting from its strategic initiatives and the backing of a robust Japanese economy. Nonetheless, like any financial entity, it navigates through regulatory pressures and market uncertainties, driving its focus on sustainable and responsible banking practices.