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Long Ideas

Taiwan Semiconductor... USA
39.12% YTD Perf. 82.9% EPS Stability
Simpson Manufacturin... USA
37.59% YTD Perf. 61.9% EPS Stability
M/I Homes Inc USA
54.53% YTD Perf. 82.6% EPS Stability
Synopsys Inc USA
39.29% YTD Perf. 76.9% EPS Stability
Badger Meter Inc USA
28.11% YTD Perf. 69.2% EPS Stability

Short Ideas

Cherry AG Germany
-42.08% YTD -49.1% Revenue Stability
-60.40% YTD -22.9% Revenue Stability
Wave Life Sciences L... USA
-47.71% YTD -15% Revenue Stability
Sonida Senior Living... USA
-44.08% YTD -72.9% Revenue Stability
1Stdibs.Com Inc USA
-27.76% YTD -32.8% Revenue Stability

Dividend Income

Rio Tinto PLC UK
8.26% TTM 15.38% Yield on Cost 5y
CropEnergies AG Germany
4.50% TTM 9.30% Yield on Cost 5y
City Of London Inves... UK
7.53% TTM 11.43% Yield on Cost 5y
Grupo Aeroportuario... USA
3.19% TTM 8.69% Yield on Cost 5y
Nexstar Broadcasting... USA
2.95% TTM 7.61% Yield on Cost 5y

Option Theta Trades

Short Put
Short Put
Short Put
Short Put
Short Put

Potential x Baggers

United Microelectron... USA
32.62% YTD Perf.
76.9% EPS Stability 81% Rev Stability
Werewolf Therapeutic... USA
38.54% YTD Perf.
83.3% EPS Stability 73% Rev Stability
Augmedix Inc USA
135.26% YTD Perf.
58.5% EPS Stability 72.5% Rev Stability
ADMA Biologics Inc USA
5.15% YTD Perf.
88% EPS Stability 90.3% Rev Stability
LiveOne Inc USA
98.76% YTD Perf.
67.4% EPS Stability 71.4% Rev Stability

Momentum and Fundamentals

Apple Inc USA
28.11% YTD Perf.
49.9% RoIC 25.3% FCF Margin
Cadence Design Syste... USA
28.11% YTD Perf.
31% RoIC 28.3% FCF Margin
Adobe Systems Incorp... USA
28.11% YTD Perf.
33.3% RoIC 40.7% FCF Margin
Lam Research Corp USA
28.11% YTD Perf.
105.2% RoIC 21% FCF Margin
Alphabet Inc Germany
28.11% YTD Perf.
26.4% RoIC 21.8% FCF Margin

Want more?

My Name is Matthias Schneider and I am a Software Engineer and Investor from Germany. I am passionate about investing and I love to build tools that help me to make better investment decisions. With my background in the financial industry and my proficiency in programming languages such as Python, I am well-equipped to leverage my technical skills and knowledge to deliver innovative and effective solutions. I have extensive experience in data analysis and modeling, and I am particularly skilled in developing and implementing machine learning algorithms to improve decision-making processes.

However, I am interested in working in an esteemed organization in the capacity of a fund or banking professional. I am confident that my skills, experience, and knowledge make me a valuable addition.

Trading Setups
Cconsolidating befor Break-Out

Amphastar P USA
51.27% 6m Perf.
Duolingo Inc USA
114.00% 6m Perf.
Commercial Vehicle G... USA
59.97% 6m Perf.
InterDigital Inc USA
71.88% 6m Perf.
Skyward Specialty In... USA
58.93% 6m Perf.

Trading Setups

Palantir Technologie... USA
6.31% 1d 16.57% 1w 127.5m Volume
Advanced Micro Devic... USA
5.55% 1d 20.04% 1w 92.9m Volume
VanEck Semiconductor... USA
4.91% 1d 10.55% 1w 13m Volume
Direxion Daily Semic... USA
19.48% 1d 31.57% 1w 113m Volume
6.95% 1d 12.61% 1w 10.5m Volume